Wholesale Children's Slim Eye Pillow - Yoga, Nurseries, Schools, Studios

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Children's Yoga Eye Pillow in a Wholesale class pack of 15,20.25,30,35 pillows. For larger orders or for if you would like us to source a particular fabric to fit your brand please use the contact form and we will get back to you ASAP with a quote.  If you would like a mix of designs please message us and we create an order for you with a variety of your chosen designs. 

*The pack can either be Pillows of the same design or 15 individual designs consisting of a mix of any of our 30+ designs including rainbow, boho moon, dove, bunny, unicorn, fairy, space, superhero, sloth etc*


The packs are perfect for yoga classes and can be used for meditation, relaxation, balance games and exercise for children's yoga. The pillows are also ideal for nursery's and school yoga sessions. They can be used to aid sleep routines and nap times, used in balances games and as comforters for children. 
All the pillows will have their pattern on the front and a grey dandelion print on the back.

The pillows can be filled with either lavender or be unscented. The pillows will have a removable case that can be taken off a machine washed. They are all made from 100% cotton. Message us as to whether you would like the pillows to be lavender or unscented.

The Slim pillows are 18x7cm