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Dandelion and Clover

Mommy and Me Yoga Eye Pillow Strawberry Set

Mommy and Me Yoga Eye Pillow Strawberry Set

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Our Beautiful Eye Pillows now in Mommy and Me sets- ideal for yoga, relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. The Pillows can also be used for aromatherapy and pain relief as they can be cooled to help with headaches and migraines.

Our Mommy and Me sets come with one adult (19x8cm) and one child's pillow (10x15cm).

The design is strawberries on a brighter pink background.

The Pillows are handmade from 100% cotton and have a removable case that can be machine washed, to keep your pillows clean. Inside they contain rice and have the option of having organic lavender included for extra relaxation.


100% Cotton

Organic Lavender


How to use

Place over eyes for gentle relaxation

Use for Balance activities

Chill in fridge for pain relief


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About Us 

Here at Dandelion and Clover our aim is to provide you with the tools you need to help manage your anxiety. We have a range of products for both children and adults that can be used in a number of different ways for you to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your routine and take care of your mental health

Our Pillows have a multi purpose use, they can used used for mindfulness, meditation, yoga classes, cooled for pain relief and used in balance games and activities for children. 
Eye pillows work by being slightly weighted which stimulates your Vagus nerve sending calming messages to your nervous system to slow your heart rate and the lavender included works with the weighted feeling to bring an extra sense of calm by helping to restore your nervous system to neutral to ease anxiety

4.4 million children aged between 3-17 and 40 million adults have diagnosed anxiety


Lavender and Linseed 
100% Cotton


has been proven to reduce anxiety and improve attention 


Four Sizes and Over 40 Designs to pick from


Hand Crafted By Qualified Yoga Teacher 

Our pillows are all handmade with the upmost care and professionalism. They were created by a qualified yoga teacher and have been used in many classes. Our pillows can also be personalized with a name or phrase. We can also create pillows specifically for your brand, studio, nursery or school. Just drop us a message and we'll create a custom order for you.