Prehnite Rudraksha Kids Mala Bracelet | Anxiety Relief for Kids | Anxiety Tools

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Our first range of Mala Bead Bracelets 

Prehnite Rudraksha - Prehnite known to relieve high stress levels 

Calming Crystal 

Handmade in the Himalayas - Natural Stones and Wood

Mala Beads for Anxiety | How can Mala Beads Help with Anxiety? 

Can be used to count the beads during a meditation 

Having something to hold, count, spin etc can have a calming affect on those suffering with anxiety 

Great Gifts for Kids - Sized Specifically to fit Children's Wrist 6mm 

Elastic to fit multiple ages 

Made with real stones 

Safety -  Beads can be choking hazards - Do not leave small children unsupervised and don't use whilst sleeping 

Don't over stretch