Children's Yoga Eye Pillow Multi Pack (6)

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Our children's yoga eye pillows are perfect for yoga, relaxation, meditation and balance games. The pillows are also ideal comforters, help to aid sleep routines, pain relief (can be heated or cooled) and hand eye coordination activities. 

We supply a number of designs that feature on one side of the pillow and a grey dandelion on the other side of the pillow. Our multi pack includes 6 designs consisting of Hippo, Sloth, Pink Bunny, Dinosaur, Safari and Insects

 The multi packs are perfect for your own yoga groups or classes. As well as schools, nursery's and studios. 

Our pillows are filled with rice and can be plain or filled with lavender for extra relaxation.

The cases are 100% cotton and removable and are machine washable.

Kids/Children's yoga extremely beneficial and our eye pillows make for a great gift with a number of designs to show different personalities.