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One of the best things about eye pillows is they have many different purposes and uses! Today we're going to go over our top six ways we love to use the eye pillows...

1. Mindfulness sessions - The most popular way to use the eye pillow is a mindfulness session. At the end of a yoga session, for 5 minutes of calm or for a guided meditation story. The lavender scent helps promote relaxation and the light weighted feeling over your eyes sends calming signals down your Vagus nerve enhancing further relaxation
2. Balance games and Hand Eye Coordination Activities - If your practicing yoga you can use the pillows to work on your balance. You can place the pillows on your head whilst carrying out poses such as airplane and tree. For more advanced poses you could place the pillows on your feet whilst doing a shoulder stand 
3. Cold Pillows - The pillows are great for head and neck pain relief- just place your pillow in the fridge for around 30 minutes and then place it over your eyes, on your forehead or the back of your neck. This can help to elevate some of the pain 
4.Sleep Routine - Night time routines can be very tricky, especially with young kids! Using an eye pillow at night time can be a great tool, again sending a  relaxing signal to the Vagus nerve, use at actual bedtime or during 5 minutes of winddown time to aid your sleep routine 
5. Aromatherapy - Our pillows come with the option of being unscented or having lavender added to them. The use of organic lavender added to the pillows have many benefits including the calming properties which has been known to help with anxiety and depression
6. Relieving Irritated Eyes - Everyone is exposed to more screen, whether its for work, watching TV, doing homework etc. The result of this is that eyes can become irritated especially after a long day. Using the eye pillow as is, or cold helps to relieve any itchy or irritated eyes at the end of the day
There our top six uses for our eye pillows... What else do you use your eye pillows for? Let us know in the comments below 
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